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Impact of air quality on productivity

One of the most basic requirements of life is air. Life would not sustain without it. We cannot fight facts. Of recent times, the air we breathe has been in the limelight due to the depreciating quality.


There have been multiple studies and research that talks about the quality of air and its effect on employee productivity. In a recent study at Harvard University’s Healthy Buildings Program, researchers observed employee concentration levels and their cognitive behaviour patterns in a controlled lab setting by altering indoor air quality to different levels. The setting was achieved through lowered CO2 levels, boosted ventilation and removed toxic chemicals in the air. At the highest ventilation rate, the participants of the closed environment showed an 8% increase in productivity over other participants.


A further study conducted on 10 green-certified buildings found that the employees had 30% fewer headaches and respiratory complaints in the green-office environment. The study also showed that employees performed nearly 27% better on cognitive tasks. Finally, workers in the study slept better at night, tracked by a wristband that measures sleep quality.


Biological contaminants like mould, bacteria, pollen and other allergens can enter a space through its occupants. An ill-maintained facility can also lead to them breeding. In a space that is hugely detrimental for its occupants, such as a co-working space where various people come to work and network out of the same shared space, it is extremely crucial to have indoor air quality management in place.



We, at UrbanWrk, take employee health seriously. Our facilities are designed to be environmentally friendly. The facilities are ergonomically designed and feature:


    • Indoor plants;
    • Well-designed ventilation;
    • Non-toxic cleaning products;
    • Regular spot cleaning and deep cleaning to remove mould and prevent dust build-up and other pollutants;
    • Well-maintained air and heating units as part of regular maintenance; and
    • High-quality HEPA air filter and continuous monitoring available to all members.

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